Top 15 Hottest Actresses in Hollywood

Making a list of the 15 best among so many beautiful actresses is a difficult job. There are many hot beauties in Hollywood. Hollywood is home to some of the most attractive women in the world. It is considered as the center of the world movie. Each year, we see new actresses replacing the previous ones. Among the hottest beauties, it is extremely difficult to make a short list.

Here are the 15 most beautiful women in Hollywood, who made the story more attractive, and the honors are exactly what you thought they would do. This list is based on the itch and its base of male admirers. Check out the 15 most popular Hollywood actresses in no particular order.

15. Angelina Jolie

Appears in many lists of “the most beautiful women”, Angelina Jolie is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. Angelina Jolie is an Oscar-winning actress who has become popular by assuming the lead role in the hit series “Lara Croft.” Off-screen, Jolie has participated prominently in international charity projects, especially those involving refugees.

14. Emma Stone

Stone began acting as a child as a member of the Valley Youth Theater in Phoenix, Arizona, where she made her stage debut in Kenneth Grahame’s production “The Wind in the Willows.” He appeared in many more productions until his adolescence until, at the age of 15 years. Stone was a member of the cast of the television series Drive and made his feature film debut in the comedy Superbad (2007).

13. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses and also has excellent acting skills. This South African beauty has one of the most beautiful eyes in the world. She was born on August 7, 1975, but she looks young and beautiful as always. She became the first South African to win an Oscar for her movie, Monster. His other notable films include The Devil’s Advocate, The Italian Job, and Mighty Joe Young.

Esquire magazine named her “the sexiest woman in life”. Not only to be a wonderful actress, but Theron has also proven to be the biggest action star after Mad Max: Fury Road. An attractively tall, elegant and dignified blonde with a slender and sexy figure. Being one of the curvy women on this list, she is definitely at the top of the list of Hollywood girls.

12. Olivia Wilde

Actress and fashion model, Olivia Jane Wilde is one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses. Wilde has appeared in several television programs and commercial films. She chose her surname “Wilde” from the famous author, Oscar Wilde. She was PETA’s sexiest celebrity in 2010. Her most notable films include The Change-Up, In Time and Tron Legacy.

Olivia Wilde is an ingenious, beautiful and resolute lady on earth. No matter what role you are playing, that inherent sympathy shines. She has become an authentic Hollywood star in recent years. She is a hot actress and you have also searched for many movies.

11. Jessica Alba


Born in Pomona, California, on April 28, 1981, Jessica Alba is one of the most attractive models and actresses of television and film. He began his appearances on television and movies at age 13 at Camp Nowhere and The Secret World of Alex Mack. Alba is often portrayed as an s.x-symbol. She has made the list of the best Hollywood actresses in many prominent magazines. His notable films include Fantastic Four, Sin City, and Machete. She also appeared on the television show, Dark Angel.

Being one of the most attractive Latinas in Hollywood, Alba, 36, is still as sexy as the first time people see her in the hit television series, Dark Angel. Alba is one of the most acclaimed actresses of her generation. He has appeared in countless movies and television shows. There are many reasons why Jessica Alba is still one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses.

10. Scarlett Johansson

One of the most attractive American celebrities, Scarlett Johansson was born in New York City to mother, Melanie Sloan, and father, Karsten Johansson. Scarlett has a large base of male admirers. She is beautiful, attractive and considered one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses. Several magazines have included her in the list of the sexiest and hottest celebrities. She has been nominated for the Golden Globes 4 times now. His most notable films include The Avengers, The Prestige, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Iron Man, and Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Age of Ultron. She is also the best actress in the world at this time.

One of the most requested actresses in Hollywood today, Johansson is the second woman on this list called “the sexiest woman in the world” by Esquire magazine. The 33-year-old blonde with a curvaceous figure looks amazing in every style. She is, without a doubt, one of the best girls in Hollywood.

9. Megan Fox

Everyone knows Megan Fox. He started acting in 2001. Fox became a worldwide sensation at the time of the movie, “The Transformers.” She is 31 years old and is considered a sex symbol. Fox classified several times among the most beautiful people in the world. She is at number four with the best Hollywood actresses. His other notable films include Jennifer’s body and Transformers 2.

In honor of one of the best ladies of Hollywood: Megan Fox. She is young, she is sexy, she is beautiful and extremely beautiful. Megan Fox crowned the sexiest woman in the world. Fox, 31, is considered one of the hottest girls in film and television. There are some girls as sexy and as funny as Megan Fox. She has made many of the best poses for magazines and her incredible red carpet arrivals.

8. Mila Kunis

The talented Milena “Mila” Markovna Kunis was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, USSR (now independent of Ukraine), in a Jewish family. The 33-year-old actress has been represented by many magazines and media as one of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood. His most notable films include Black Swan, Friends with Benefits and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Kumis’ career has been growing steadily and she will be seen in several films in 2017-2018. His enthusiasm made him ask the US Marine Corps Sergeant. UU That he invited her to go on a date through YouTube, which she accepted.

7. Natalie Portman

The beautiful, Natalie Portman is an actress and model with the dual US and Israeli citizenship. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She won the 2011 Oscar for best actress for her film, Black Swan. His star has been in continuous ascent. His other notable films include V for Vendetta, Thor, Closer and No Strings Attached. Portman’s career has been increasing and we will see her in several films in 2017-2018. She has appeared in several publications lists of Hollywood’s most popular actresses. See Natalie’s bald look.

6. Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard is at the top of the list of Hollywood’s most popular actresses. Cotillard is a French actress who in recent years has been successful in Hollywood. Now she is famous all over the world and is one of the most beautiful actresses of this generation. She starred in the movie, Inception. Other films like Midnight in Paris and Public Enemies were very well received. She was recently seen in the movie, From the Land of the Moon. His film, La Vie en Rose, earned him an Oscar, which allowed him to make history as the first person to win an Oscar for a French film.

5. Amber Heard

At first glance, it seems the most famous star of his generation. But, Amber Heard has yet to reach heights like that. Anyway, she is among the 15 best actresses in Hollywood. Heard is a beautiful woman with attractive figures. She has an awesome body that does not seem to have a single extra pound in it. Amber Heard seems to be the very definition of a sexy woman.

4. Ana de Armas

For those who do not know this beautiful Cuban actress, Ana de Armas. But do not worry! Because with the passage of time you are likely to become more aware of Weapons. Born and raised in Cuba, Armas became an actress at the young age of 12. Then, he made his professional debut in the Spanish film Una rosa de Francia in 2006. He made waves in the United States when he starred in his first Hollywood movie, Knock. Knock, where she mesmerized the audience for her impressive looks. Since then he has appeared in several important films such as; Exposed, Stone Hands and War Dogs. His most important role comes with the most anticipated film “Blade Runner 2049” as Joi. A sensual woman, with excellent confidence now known as one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses.

3. Alexandra Daddario

Although she has not yet become a true star, her appearance makes her the sexiest. Born and raised in New York City, United States. Daddario is of Italian, Slovak, English and Irish descent. Throughout his career, he has appeared in several movies, television shows, and music videos. His most famous performances in movies are; Summer Quinn in Baywatch, Blake Gaines in San Andreas and Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson movie series. Also, in the Netflix movie of 2018 “When We First Met,” as Avery Martin.

Owning one of the most attractive figures in Hollywood, there is a good reason why people want to see more and more of their future. Daddario, now ready to appear in four films in 2018, including; We have always lived in the castle, Nomis, I am not a bird and another one. All that drives your career to another level.

2. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie, the fastest rising star in Hollywood, is an Australian film actress and producer. At this moment she is only 27 years old, but Time magazine named her one of the most influential people in the world. In addition, Forbes named Robbie on the list of the top 30 in 30.

Appeared in several movies and television shows, Robbie won and was nominated for several awards. She is the most talented actress there is. She has established herself as one of the most prominent faces of Hollywood.

1. Eva Green

With its sensual appearance, Eva Green deserves the first place in any list of “Hottest Hollywood Actresses”. Green was born and raised in France. She is the daughter of the legendary actress Marlène Jobert.

The green is beautiful and naturally dark blond. Best known for her role as Sibylla, the Queen of Jerusalem in the epic and the historic Kingdom of Heaven by Ridley Scott. In addition, he played the Bond girl Vesper Lynd in the James Bond movie Casino Royale. She is also known for movies like; Dark Shadows, 300: Rise of an Empire, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, as well as the Showtime horror drama, Penny Dreadful.