The next version of Windows 10 could allow you to play Xbox One games on your PC

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying all your library of Xbox One games on your PC? Well, that could very soon be a reality, since Microsoft is working to bring native support for Xbox One Games to Windows 10, according to Thurrott.

Although Microsoft never explicitly or officially declared support for such a feature, it is instead hidden in a build of Windows Insider 18334, a beta version of the incoming Windows 10 April 2019 update. According to Thurrott, Microsoft is giving away the game State of Decay for free in this version of Windows 10, so beta testers could try a new download and installation mechanism for Xbox games.

Thurrott finds that, instead of being downloaded from Microsoft Store through, the game is extracted from That’s a departure from tradition since most of the Xbox games that are transferred to the PC through the Xbox Play program anywhere usually come from the server.

In addition, Thurrott reports that once the installer files are extracted after a download, it is configured as the.XVC format. This format is normally used in Xbox One, but in this beta version, it can also be installed manually through Windows Powershell, the configuration management and task automation framework in Windows 10. The file even opens a DirectX window that usually only appears when the software and games are installed Together, all this shows that the version of State of Decay that is being tested with Windows Insiders is more than just a PC port, and in fact could be the version of Xbox One.

“The company is in the process of making the delivery mechanisms based on the Xbox infrastructure, it seems to be making possible the execution of Xbox games on the PC, and replacing the PC gaming infrastructure of the existing store in the of what Xbox has built, “Thurrott said.

Although Xbox One’s great games like Forza Motorsport 7 are already available for PC through the Xbox Play Anywhere program, native support in Windows 10 could be huge for Xbox One developers. It means they would not need to write code for games two. times. It also means that Microsoft is working on a smoother experience for consumers so that the gaming experience on PC is the same as on Xbox One.