The Honda E Prototype is the electric car Apple should have come out with

The stylists added a set of rear doors in the name of practicality, but concealed the handles on the C-pillars to maintain the look of two doors. The photos confirm that the E prototype will be available with cameras instead of the door mirrors. This innovative technology is still illegal in the United States, so the Audi E-Tron electric SUV will go on sale here with standard mirrors, but new technology is allowed in Europe and Japan. We hope that US regulators will approve the cameras in the not too distant future.

The interior is the dream of a technology lover made reality. The designers replaced the group of analog instruments with a screen similar to a tablet that provides key information about the car and its surroundings in high resolution. It is connected to two additional screens configurable by the driver that replace the vast majority of the buttons normally found on the dashboard and in the center console. The result is a clean and minimalist cabin that seems intuitive to use. The company explained that its goal was to make the concept feel like a room by giving it a flat floor, which is possible thanks to the battery, and to the fabric similar to a sofa in the seats.

The E Prototype moves on a new platform developed specifically for electric cars. Technical details are scarce, but Honda promises up to 124 miles of autonomy, and a fast charging system that offers an 80 percent load in 30 minutes. An electric motor mounted on the rear axles draws electricity from the battery that is under the floor and hits the rear wheels with it.

It’s difficult to say exactly when the Honda E Prototype will reach showrooms because the model we saw in Geneva is a close-to-production prototype; in other words, development work is ongoing. Pricing and availability will be released in the coming months. What’s certain is that the Prototype – a name that will not be retained for the production model – will be sold in the United States, but will it hopefully be valuable in the electric cars Honda will sell here after the turn of the decade.

Updated on February 27, 2019: Complete information on the Honda E prototype was added.