The best used car websites for 2019

Buying a car can be exhausting: here are the best used car websites to make it easier

As exciting as it is to buy a new car – err, at least one that is new to you – the process of finding and buying any vehicle can be a headache. No one enjoys a high-pressure salesman breathing through the neck, trying to drive a car home that is simply not what they are looking for. Fortunately, there are a lot of websites aimed at the conscious buyer, all of which are filled with everything from mid-size sedans to all-terrain vans.

These virtual batches allow you to exchange the seller and the pressurized environment for a comfortable chair, while providing all the necessary information about the condition and history of each car. But the question remains: What is the most competent and empty site of scammers, criminals and the like? Read on to find out.


The best well-known site

Few sites outperform when it comes to advanced search tools. Like most sites on our list, the initial Auto Trader search allows you to choose the make, model and price of your desired car. It also allows you to filter your results based on fuel economy and a lot of other specifications. For example, do you want a car with an intuitive navigation system? How about a sedan with four doors and a keyless entry? Check the box for any of the options and let the results reach you. even gives you the option of looking for a Chevy or GMC Elite model commercial vehicle.


The best site for the basics

Implement and simple, CarsDirect has to do with the basics. You can search used cars within a specific area according to body style, price, brand or model. Search results include offers from both dealers and owners, with the option to view the Carfax report of your desired car. CarsDirect also allows you to save your favorite cars and search history when deciding between different vehicles, and each search result provides a large number of images detailing the condition of the selected cars. Send an inquiry about the particular brand or model you are viewing, or choose if you are looking for special financing. There are links to car dealership websites, as well as complete maps with directions to the location of each dealer.


The best site for classic car lovers

Hemmings is the dream of a collector of classic cars. The site is a wonder of the past, it delights everything from Chevrolet Impalas of the 1960s to Studebakers since the 1930s, while offering tools to locate specific parts or services related to a car you may already own. The site offers a daily bulletin, an updated blog and several other resources aimed at the owner of the classic car. It even promotes an online store where you can buy die-cast models, clothes, books for collectors or wall calendars. If that was not enough, Hemmings is also an excellent resource for additional buying tips and links to upcoming local auctions.


The best site for browsing on the go

Autolist may seem similar to other sites here at first glance, but it has an advantage in the competition when it comes to mobile connectivity. Although the Autolist website is attractive and easy to use, it is the mobile application that accompanies Android and iOS, which makes it stand out. Intuitive software allows you to quickly track the databases of other purchasing applications, as well as several distributor websites. It also provides useful information, for example, how long the vehicle has been on sale, how its selling price has fluctuated over time and how the Carfax report looks. For those who prefer to buy their next trip while they are on the move, this may be the resource for you.


The best site for finding a bargain

If you are looking for a bargain, CarGurus is your best bet. Why? Because CarGurus classifies the ads based on the distributor’s reputation, when appropriate, and the price. The site then goes one step further to educate buyers with information about the true market value of a vehicle. That way, you’ll know if now is the best time to buy or if you need to expand your search area. You can also see how long a vehicle has been listed on the site and how its list price has changed over time. This gives you bargaining power in cars that have been listed for a while, or lets you know when it’s too early to ask for a big price cut.


The best site for cross-site comparisons

If you have ever used sites like Kayak or Sky Scanner, AutoTempest will become your way. The site combines the search results of eBay Motors,, AutoTrader, CarsDirect and others, launching a network that covers all of a handful of other used car sites on our list. The homepage of AutoTempest also presents shopping guides, checklists and tips, as well as tips on how to negotiate and how to avoid buying a lemon, among other topics. The site even provides specific guidelines for a selection of car makes and models, along with comprehensive car reviews and a collection of frequently asked questions. The site even saves search results for easy later access, while offering several suggestions for top-notch shipping services.


The best site for those looking for the ultimate shopping experience

Kelley’s blue book is a buyer’s best friend. It offers accurate estimates of the value of your car, how much you must pay for a used car, and a deep selection of new and used car listings. You can search for the best selections and tips, calculate the monthly payment of a car and even compare several cars. Expert and consumer reviews are also available, along with options to find local distributors and verify your credit score. You can even browse a variety of reward pages, which gives you a way to quickly read the best of the best.


Although it is easy to search by brand, model and year using any of the sites mentioned above, there is no problem in concentrating your search. If you are looking for something specific, do not hesitate to consult the groups of enthusiasts and online car owners associated with what you are looking for. If you use Google, add “forums” or “owners club” to any vehicle you are looking for. Whether it’s classic Porsches or AMC brand cars, there’s a community for almost every car that exists. Navigating through the classified ads section on these sites only increases the chances of finding what you are looking for.