2019 Kia K900 – interior Exterior and Drive (Luxury Sedan)

Next-Generation Flagship Sedan is the Most-Advanced Kia Ever   

  • Classically drawn exterior inspired by ‘Gravity of Prestige’ design concept
  • Wrap-around cabin touts sophisticated materials and wide array of high-tech features and upscale amenities
  • K900 offers superb ride quality, driver enjoyment and passenger comfort
  • Standard UVO luxe1 embedded telematics allow remote start and HVAC control features

Sophisticated and majestic, the K900 2019 brings a new definition of premium luxury to Kia’s portfolio. Although it is a bit longer and wider than the outgoing model, this K900 looks more adjusted thanks to its reimagined proportions, especially with respect to its profile. Combining a beautifully balanced design with flowing lines, taut surfaces and geometric details, the K900 introduces a modern air of elegance to the large sedan segment. The designers of Kia were inspired by a design ethic that they called “The seriousness of prestige”, and this integral philosophy translates into a feeling of solidity and volume in the exclusive space.
Conceptually based on the ever-changing form of condensed energy, a new grid with the signature of the “quadratic pattern” is the focal point of the K900. There are 176 “cells” similar to a jewel within the grid, suggesting that the released energy accelerates away from its center in the way the waves in the water recede from the impact of a splash. The flowing natural lines emanate from this frontal area, rise above the hood, sweep the flanks and culminate in the rear.
Influenced by the path of light, the design of the duplex headlights provides the K900 with a visually progressive image that establishes presence and character. Above the light housings, a floating hood design emphasizes the car’s length, volume and balanced proportions.

On its profile, a satin chrome flash adds depth to the smooth body, which extends along the base of the doors and around the lower rear section of the K900 to draw its eyes towards the large and detailed 19-inch wheels of the car. Bright work along the line of the window adds a degree of structure to the rich and exaggerated design of the C-pillar before it is combined with the back cover.
The rear of the K900 shows a wide posture decorated with striking details. The combined duplex rear lights reflect the design language of the headlights and the integrated exhaust housings are finished with chrome.

– Luxury retreat inside
Elegant for its design but with a minimalist design, the interior of the new K900 provides drivers and passengers with a quiet, simple, modern and comfortable retreat. The cockpit envelops the driver, which improves the feeling of being trapped in the outside world. A closed and virtually uninterrupted line between the doors and the instrument panel creates a deliberate sense of continuity. Flowing from the center of the board and outward to the doors, the surfaces are cut out in a sophisticated combination of materials, with metal veneers and a choice of four selections of open-pore matte wood: walnut, beige olive ash and wood engineering. The soft leather balances the toughest natural surfaces of the cabin in black, beige or Sienna Brown in two shades.
The definition of luxury of Kia is not limited to the privileged, but there is a different feeling of exclusivity that is achieved with accents of good taste throughout the space. The ease of operation was improved, and interior switches and controls were reduced from 91 in the outgoing model to 73 in the new K900. The driver holds the car with a heated leather steering wheel and an electronic gear shift knob mounted on the center console. The seats are specially designed to help prevent phones and other small objects from falling below and out of reach. And, to improve the exterior visibility and interior brightness, the greenhouse has expanded.

The premium leather upholstered seat design achieves the ultimate in luxury, exuding a substantive look and feel, as well as a high degree of durability, thanks to extreme validation tests in the areas of UV, temperature and humidity. The premium quality quilted Nappa leather upholstery is also standard. The seats are well contoured and shaped to provide maximum support and comfort while minimizing fatigue for occupants, whether the K900 is a long-distance straight-line cruise or ambitiously moving on rural roads.
To compensate for cold and warm climates, the front seats have heating and ventilation. The standard 20-way adjustable driver’s seat is equipped with wide-adjustment reinforcements and lumbar support with air cells and shoulder adjustment for precise comfort. The front passenger seat is equipped with 16-way adjusters to find the ideal position.

In addition, substantial improvements have been made to the comfort of the rear seat with respect to the outgoing K900. The driver-side rear seat and the passenger-side rear seat will enjoy the available 12-way and 14-way adjusters, respectively, as well as the reclining capacity, adjustable height headrests and front / rear cushions, tilted up / down . The rear seat heaters are standard, while ventilation is optional for the outer rear seats. The improved comfort of the rear seat are optional HVAC controls, which allow rear passengers to have fan controls separate from the front seat passengers.